About us

Mr.P.Rajendran is the founder of our law firm  PR ASSOCIATES.   Our law firm continues a commitment to provide clients - both individuals and corporates - with passionate and skilled legal representation in every case. Our law firm focuses on important legal issues related to employment, company/partnership, real property, divorce, child custody, adoption,  immigration, tenancy, intellectual property, personal injury, document review, etc.,  Equipped with an electronic law library and digitalized client data management system and a team of well trained attorneys our firm has been successful in providing appropriate legal assistance to our clients. We have provided litigation support to several foreign companies in connection with their disputes, claims, law suits in India. We provide real value services through the efficient and timely delivery of legal services in a manner which helps clients achieve objectives by adopting a practical business approach. We are committed to adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Handling  All Types of Civil and Commercial Disputes

Our experienced attorneys handle all types of civil and commercial challenges ranging from a client's need for in-house counseling to court room litigation. We have a long established Civil Law and Litigation practice.

Online Legal Advice

We provide online legal advice to Non Resident Indians on allmatters with reference to the laws in force in India. In matrimonial and property matters we take utmost care to examine the issue with reference to the personal law applicable to the person concerned and provide correct legal advice on payment of charges. 


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